World Wide Casting Call

Submit to our casting call to be considered for the documentary.

Are you willing to volunteer and explore aliveness with us? If so, we are currently considering submissions for people to be interviewed on-camera for our documentary. We will be traveling to you!

World Wide Casting Call

Current Openings

We are looking for people to have conversations with that come from different cultures, beliefs, classes, lifestyles, and values. Our goal is to find what we all have in common when feeling alive, how one becomes alive, and if there is a “recipe” for aliveness.

Status Who    
Reviewing A person who lives alone, who is not materialistic, and has strong ties with his or her community.
Open A military service member who has seen combat first-hand.
Filled The rockstar mom who accomplishes abnormal feats despite the usual chaos of motherhood. She has maintained a clear purpose path but sometimes needs that "glass of wine" to chill.    
Open The burly working-class man who doesn't want to talk about the touchy-feely stuff, but would like to explore this for himself.
Filled A person who has a handicap/disability that won't let it stop them.    
Open A stereotypical millennial of the community with a strong digital lifestyle.
Filled An active outdoor-type adrenaline junkie.    
Open An elderly person (age 90 and up) to reflect on their life.
Open A person who chose to live in isolation, off the grid and prefers to be alone.
Open A young person with a limited life expectancy due to terminal illness.
Filled A person without at least one of their senses.    
Open A high profile public figure, celebrity, actor or athlete.
Open A person whose mission is to save lives.
Reviewing A person who serves others, an extreme volunteer.
Filled A person who has lost a loved one; experienced deep loss.    

Didn't see yourself or someone in mind on the list?

No worries, we still want to hear from you.

Tell us your story!
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